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Episode 28

Creating Opportunity and Engaging the Community

Guest: Dr. Jeffrey Butts

This week’s show concerns creating opportunity for every student and finding ways to engage communities that may not necessarily be directly engaged with our schools. Our guest is Dr. Jeffrey Butts, superintendent of the Wayne Township School in Indiana. He has been a teacher, an athletic director, a principal, and assistant superintendent.


Episode 16

Perseverance, Grit, and Love

Guest: Associate Superintendent Tom Burton

Today, Carole speaks with Tom Burton about nurturing perseverance, grit, and commitment in today’s K­-12 students. The role educators and parents play is key and not necessarily always easy (loving in the unlovable moments). Our guest is Tom Burton, the associate superintendent of Princeton City Schools.


Episode 15

Strong Leaders, Strong Schools

Guest: Dr. Thomas Tucker

Dr. Thomas Tucker, Princeton City Schools Superintendent (Ohio) and the National Superintendent of the Year, talks with Carole about the power of public schools, the importance of vision, the public debate over the role of public schools and what he would change if he were king for a day.


Episode 10

New Trends in Public Education Roundtable

Guest: Paul Imhoff & Dr. John Marschhausen

Carole speaks with Paul Imhoff & Dr. John Marschhausen about all of the new ideas and practices that school districts must address in our modern public schools. Topics include: teaching the “whole child”, how technology empowers personalization, testing, and school culture.

“What is [the world] going to look like when they are the leaders in 2035, 2040?” – Dr. John Marschhausen


Episode 8

Small Goals, Big Impact

February 8, 2016 | Interviews, Success Stories
Guest: Principal John Gould

In this week’s episode, Joel speaks with John Gould, the principal of Dartmouth High School in Dartmouth Massachusetts about the impact of his own schooling, teaching independent thinking, and the power of public education.|

“Today, we don’t have all the answers but we aren’t ignoring the questions and we’re trying to address them. And that’s empowering.” — John Gould

The Impact of Public Education

Diagnosed early on with a language learning disability, John was sent by taxi at the tender age of four to receive special help to learn how to speak. His experiences left him with an immense feeling of gratitude for the teachers and adults in his life who helped him persevere through his own learning challenges. These feelings inspired John throughout his education and now in how he helps educate. He sees public education as crucial and adept at not only helping students with learning challenges but also addressing the social/emotional issues in their lives.


Episode 7

A Technology Makeover in Your School

Guest: Superintendent Matt Miller

Today, Carol speaks with Mentor, OH Superintendent Matt Miller today about their tech makeover in Mentor and technology in our schools.

Our best ideas come from our staff members. … I’d like to try this.

They sell us on it and we say “okay, go!”

A lot of times it’s good just to say YES to teachers who want to try innovative things because they’re so excited about it.

Does technology help student achievement?

Ultimately, it’s not necessarily investing in the technology but the professional development you provide for your staff, that’s the investment that will create a true payoff when it comes to technology. You can’t just drop off the hardware or software in the classroom and expect teachers to be able to effectively use it. With instructional coaches who are trained in not only the technology but also in education and allowing teachers to innovate with how they implement the use of technology in their classrooms. 

Episode 4

Strategic Planning in Your Schools with Paul Imhoff

Guest: Superintendent Paul Imhoff

Talking with Paul Imhoff, Superintendent of  the Upper Arlington City Schools

Today, Carole speaks with Paul Imhoff about creating community based, living strategic plans that transform school districts. One of the major accomplishments during his time in Upper Arlington has been leading the effort to reinvent the strategic planning process for the district.  The new hybrid planning process incorporated the best from private-sector and public-sector models and resulted in a focused, results-oriented plan with measurable goals.  You can learn more at

Mr. Imhoff has 18 years of administrative experience in public education, including six years as the superintendent of Mariemont City Schools and four years as the assistant superintendent in Madeira City Schools, both high-achieving districts in the Cincinnati area. Prior to moving into administrative roles, he spent 7 years teaching high school English and junior high language arts and reading.

“If we don’t set goals, we certainly aren’t going to accomplish them. − Paul Imhoff”


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