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Episode 146

Agile leadership: Empowerment

September 12, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Diane Egbers

In this second part of the series on being an agile leader, Diane Egbers of Leadership Excelleration discusses the role of Empowerment.

Host Carole Dorn-Bell asks how the role of Empowerment complements the role highlighted in the previous episode, Adventure.


Episode 145

How superintendents get to know their communities

September 4, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Kirk Koennecke

Kirk Koennecke, the new superintendent for Indian Hill Schools near Cincinnati, Ohio, joins host Carole Dorn-Bell to discuss how superintendents get to know their communities when they’re new to the job.

Kirk brings a wealth of experience to the role, having served as a superintendent elsewhere, and offers advice on communication strategies for superintendents as well as potential pitfalls to avoid.


Episode 144

Agile Leadership with Diane Egbers

August 30, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Diane Egbers

In this first episode of our series Being an Agile Leader in Today’s Education Market, we cover the topic of Adventure.

Diane Egbers, from Leadership Excelleration (LEI) and co-author of The Ascending Leader, joins Carole Dorn-Bell to discuss what agile leadership and adventure mean in today’s educational setting.


Episode 141

Ohio Department of Education’s new strategic plan

June 3, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Diane Egbers

In this episode of the We Love Schools podcast, host Carole Dorn-Bell and recurring guest Diane Egbers, of Leadership Excelleration (LEI), discuss recent changes to the Ohio Department of Education’s strategic plan.

The Ohio Department of Education introduced a new five-year plan that puts less emphasis on test scores to cater to each individual student. The new plan will shift away from the traditional academic measures of success and instead focus on helping students succeed after graduating high school.


Episode 140

The Triple A’s of nurturing educators: Alignment

April 10, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Diane Egbers

In this third episode of our podcast series The Triple A’s to Nurture Educators: AdvocacyAuthenticity and Alignment, the discussion centers on alignment.

Host Carole Dorn-Bell talks with Diane Egbers, founder and CEO of Leadership Excelleration (LEI) and co-author of The Ascending Leader. Carole kicks off the conversation by asking about the culture transformation Diane is seeing in education in relation to alignment.


Episode 138

The Triple A’s of nurturing educators: Authenticity

March 8, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Diane Egbers

Authenticity is the subject of this second episode in our three-part series, The Triple A’s to Nurture Educators: Advocacy, Authenticity and Alignment. Host Carole Dorn-Bell is joined once again by Diane Egbers of Leadership Excelleration (LEI) and co-author of The Ascending Leader.

Carole asks how advocacy, the first topic in the series, works with authenticity. Diane says a key role for superintendents is to create a sense of community around their schools—and one of the ways to accomplish that is through authentic behavior.


Episode 137

Top ‘Must Do’s’ from a school construction project

February 21, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Matt Montgomery

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to manage a school construction project—and do it well. Host Carole Dorn-Bell speaks with Matt Montgomery, Superintendent of Revere Local Schools in Ohio, which is undergoing a very large construction project. (more…)

Episode 136

The Triple A’s of nurturing educators

February 18, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Diane Egbers

We’re launching a series of podcast themes that we are calling The Triple A’s of Nurturing Educators: Advocacy, Authenticity and Alignment.

Diane Egbers from Leadership Excelleration (LEI) and co-author of The Ascending Leader joins Carole Dorn-Bell once again to kick off the new series with a discussion around Advocacy.


Episode 135

Adjusting to changes in urban schools

November 15, 2018 | Leadership
Guest: Carolyne Albert-Garvey

Today’s episode features a conversation with host Joel Gagne and Carolyne Albert-Garvey. Carolyne was the reason that Joel’s family moved to DC as they wanted their kids to attend Maury Elementary School in the District of Columbia Public Schools. Joel and his wife had one meeting with her and knew she was the right principal. In this episode, Joel and Carolyne discuss adjusting to changes in urban schools, from demographics to funding.


Episode 134

The tremendous impact of team leadership development

November 13, 2018 | Leadership
Guest: Diane Egbers

Diane Egbers from Leadership Excelleration (LEI) and co-author of The Ascending Leader joins Carole Dorn-Bell on the podcast once again. Today the two discuss the importance of team leadership development at schools and beyond.


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