Category: Social Media for Schools

Episode 120

Content marketing for public schools

Guest: Jason Wheeler

In this episode, host Joel Gagne speaks with Jason Wheeler, Marketing Director for Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD in Texas. Jason, who runs the Social Media Schoolhouse blog, explains content marketing for public schools and how specific techniques can be used by each school district.


Episode 113

Schools and districts need to be on Instagram!

Guest: Joel Gagne & Carole Dorn-Bell

In this episode, hosts Joel and Carole are back together to talk about their love of Instagram and why it’s the social media platform that deserves your attention. Schools and districts need to be on Instagram, and they explain why.


Episode 76

Live streaming and social media

Guest: Tate Skinner

Host Carole Dorn-Bell speaks with Tate Skinner, secretary of the Ohio Small & Rural Collaborative (OSRC), about live streaming and social media. Tate is also the assistant principal at Minford High School, which uses live streaming and social media to provide access for students and families.


Episode 55

How to Teach School Districts How to Use Social Media

Guest: Andrea Gribble

Recurring guest Andrea Gribble joins the podcast to explain how she gets schools to understand and harness the power of social media.

Gribble, the founder of, knows it’s difficult for teachers and administrators to stay on top of the ever-changing world of social media.

She started her business three years ago to serve the social media needs of small businesses, but, thanks to her own childhood school district, realized the immense opportunity to assist educators.

Her Woodbury, Minnesota company now serves 30 schools in four states.


Episode 54

How Schools Should Use Social Media

Guest: Andrea Gribble

In this episode, hosts Carole Dorn-Bell and Joel Gagne, speak with Andrea Gribble, founder of As an expert in the use of social media in schools, Gribble shares her thoughts on the variety of social media platforms, the challenges that school districts face, and parent engagement.

Gribble calls social media a “complete game changer” for schools wanting to better engage with the community.

Most adults are on social media, she notes.

“And if are schools aren’t there, what kind of information are they learning about our schools?”


Episode 53

How SHOULD Your School or District Communicate with You?

Guest: Carole Dorn-Bell and Joel Gagne

This week, Carole Dorn-Bell and Joel Gagne discuss the best practices for schools wanting to communicate effectively with parents and the community.

They discuss the role of newsletters, text messages, Twitter and even Snapchat.

Dorn-Bell says her first impressions, as a parent, begin with beautification and security around a school building.

Gagne adds, there’s a way to be secure but to soften it to be more welcoming.


Episode 13

Preparing Our Future Educational Leaders to Communicate

Guest: Dr. Todd Hoadley & Jennifer Economus

“Trust is built through communication.” — Dr. Todd Hoadley

Communication is key and, in our changing world, so is learning to adapt. This week, Carole Dorn-Bell speaks with Dr. Todd Hoadley, Superintendent of Dublin City Schools (OH), and Jennifer Economus, Allerton-Hill Consulting. Topics include how to develop communication skills, the limits of social media, the value of face-to-face communication, using Instagram, developing a social media identity, and the importance of local newspaper.

“Our community has high expectations. People expect communications to be accurate. They expect it to be timely. And by timely I mean NOW.” — Dr. Todd Hoadley


Episode 12

What Does “Sociability” Mean & Why Is It Important For My School?

Guest: Dane Dellenbach, Blackboard

Dane Dellenbach, from Blackboard, talks with Joel about “sociability” – a way for schools to use all of their social media platforms all under one roof. Dane talks about technology, the value of keeping all of your district on the same page, and the difference between “good” and “bad” technology within the educational field.

“Celebrate everything. Small, big, it doesn’t matter. Your community wants to know.”


Episode 5

Twitter for Schools and Teachers

Twitter is simply too easy and too useful of a platform to not use in your school. Regardless of your current engagement with Twitter, in this week’s podcast, Carole & Joel talk about how to wade into the waters of Twitter.

“It has to be relatable…

We’re all in this together…

You have to make it interesting.”