Dr. Thomas Tucker, Princeton City Schools Superintendent (Ohio) and the National Superintendent of the Year, talks with Carole about the power of public schools, the importance of vision, the public debate over the role of public schools and what he would change if he were king for a day.

Important Traits for Today’s Leader

Leaders need to be mission driven. They must be visionary. Now more than ever, administrators need to be politicians, pushing their districts in the right direction and keeping the community abreast to those movements. Additionally, administrators must be well versed in data analysis and the ability to make data driven decisions. Lastly, communication is so vital to the success of leaders in education, but also the success of school districts.For administrators and leaders, they must know who they are, and that they are a servant leaders. Being open and welcoming to the community is key. Education is a customer service business, and we need to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

The Fight for Public Education

Public school education is stronger today, more than ever. Despite this, educators and leaders need to fight for public education. So many have been touched by public education in America, and our leaders, like Thomas Tucker, are products of our public education system. From the very first public school in Boston, we have had to fight for a public education for our children, the struggle is on­going but every struggle makes our education system stronger.

If Dr. Tucker was king for the day…

Every student in America would have a personalized education that would meet the needs of each student. For far too long we have made kids meet and adapt to our public school and not the other way around. Every student does not need the same tools, classes and instruction to be successful. Let’s rethink how we educate our students in the public school system.

Why Public Education and Legacy

Tucker’s grandparents, sharecroppers who had a passion for education and sharing education with their community to help them succeed. This instilled a value for knowledge by Tucker’s mother and father, who provided resources as well as support as he went through the school system. Public education has taken him from a poor farm boy in Arkansas to National Superintendent of the year. He wants to be remembered as a champion, a drum major for children and staff, who put the needs of children and staff at the forefront of educational decisions.

Book Recommendation

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success­ by Carol Dwek

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