Monthly Archives: May 2016

Episode 24

A Close Look at Trends in Education: Looking at Mississippi and Beyond

Guest: Dr. Denver Fowler

Today’s show touches on funding, equity, and resources in public schools and how socioeconomic status and zip codes are dictating the success of our students. Our guest is Dr. Denver Fowler, professor at the University of Mississippi, who has served as a coach, teacher, athletic director and administrator in P­12 settings for over a decade. He was named the 2015 State Assistant Principal of the Year in the state of Ohio and nominated for the National Assistant Principal of the Year. His research interests include ethics, leadership and research on the superintendency.


Episode 23

How to Guide Change and Make It Stick

Guest: Dr. Jenny Hooie, Dynamix

This week’s show concerns several approaches to guide an organization through change. Our guest is Dr. Jenny Hooie, from Dynamix, a company that works to help organizations improve their workflow and navigate change. With Jenny, Carole explores how school districts can adapt and change with ease and transparency.


Episode 22

Helping Girls Navigate Childhood and Achieve Success

Guest: Dr. Lisa Hinkelman

This week’s show discusses girls, experiences unique to girls, and the effect of these experiences on women. Our guest is Dr. Lisa Hinkelman, a professor at The Ohio State University and founder of the group, Ruling Our Experience (ROX), an evidence based empowerment program for girls.


Episode 21

Election Special: Education and the November Elections

Guest: Dr. John Marschhausen

This week’s show is a roundtable discussion with Joel, Carole, and Dr. John Marschhausen, superintendent of Hilliard School District, about education and the upcoming Presidential election in the United States.

“It’s a civil rights issue.” — Dr. John Marschhausen, on education & socioeconomics


Episode 20

Planning for the Transition from High School to College

Guest: Beth Probst, At the Core

This week’s show focuses on the all important question of what college to attend and the factors that go into making that decision. We welcome Beth Probst, from At the Core, an organization that was founded to help serve students as they prepare to make important decisions that surround their transition from high school to the future.