Monthly Archives: February 2019

Episode 137

Top ‘Must Do’s’ from a school construction project

February 21, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Matt Montgomery

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to manage a school construction project—and do it well. Host Carole Dorn-Bell speaks with Matt Montgomery, Superintendent of Revere Local Schools in Ohio, which is undergoing a very large construction project. (more…)

Episode 136

The Triple A’s of nurturing educators

February 18, 2019 | Leadership
Guest: Diane Egbers

We’re launching a series of podcast themes that we are calling The Triple A’s of Nurturing Educators: Advocacy, Authenticity and Alignment.

Diane Egbers from Leadership Excelleration (LEI) and co-author of The Ascending Leader joins Carole Dorn-Bell once again to kick off the new series with a discussion around Advocacy.