Monthly Archives: May 2018

Episode 113

Schools and districts need to be on Instagram!

Guest: Joel Gagne & Carole Dorn-Bell

In this episode, hosts Joel and Carole are back together to talk about their love of Instagram and why it’s the social media platform that deserves your attention. Schools and districts need to be on Instagram, and they explain why.


Episode 112

How to craft an amazing strategic plan for your school and district

May 10, 2018 | Strategies
Guest: Diane Egbers

Host Carole Dorn-Bell speaks with Diane Egbers, the owner of Leadership Excelleration, Inc., about the process of envisioning and developing an amazing strategic plan for your school and district.

Diane founded the company 21 years ago with a passion for developing leaders, including administrative teams and boards of education.


Episode 111

Communicating your needs to your community

Guest: Rich Hanson

In this episode, host Joel Gagne speaks with Rich Hanson, District Administrator for the Almond-Bancroft School District in Wisconsin, about his experiences in working to get ballot initiatives passed. They discuss why town halls don’t always work, the importance of newsletters and socials in communicating your needs to your community, as well as the one thing that Rich would change about public schools.