In this episode, host Carole Dorn-Bell speaks with Dr. Denver J. Fowler, a friend of the podcast and author of the forthcoming book The 21st Century School Leader: Leading Schools in Today’s World. Dr. Fowler is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Graduate and Professional Studies in Education at California State University, Sacramento. He discusses the book, how it came about and what he hopes people take away from it.

Carole notes the book has endorsements from a number of big names in education. Dr. Fowler says he reached out to those contacts for endorsements and feedback. He sees the book as a roadmap for practitioners and notes that it includes many of the things he wishes he had known as a first-year school leader in Ohio.

“What I really aimed to do was write a book that’s innovative in how we lead schools,” he says. “One thing that became blatantly apparent was that we’re leading schools a lot like we led schools when my parents were in school.”

Education leaders should shift gears to leading schools for the 21st century, in which many of the stakeholders are digital natives.

The book is focused on Pre-K through 12th Grade and can be a source for colleges and universities in preparing future teachers and administrators.

Chapter titles include: Leading Schools in Today’s World, Social Media for Administrators and Teachers, and The Importance of Being a Lifelong Learner.

The book will be available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and essentially anywhere books are sold.

The 21st Century School Leader: Leading Schools in Today’s World is Dr. Fowler’s first book, although he has a few more in the works.

He can be found on Twitter at @DenverJFowler, promoting his book with the hashtag #21stCenturyLeader.

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