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Episode 40

7 Leadership Lessons

October 25, 2016 | Interviews, Leadership
Guest: Dr. Neil Gupta

In this week’s episode, Dr. Neil Gupta, Worthington City Schools, shares 7 lessons that he’s learned on his own leadership journey that are sure to help anybody fine tune their own leadership skills.

Dr. Gupta walks us through lessons he’s learned from his own personal experience on his own leadership journey as an administrator. He advises listeners to process his advise with introspection rather than thinking about what other people in their life match up to his do’s and don’ts. It’s important to listen for those moments that “send a tingle up your spine that asks, ‘am I doing that?’ so that you start to second guess yourself, to check yourself.”


Episode 39

Perspectives from a Veteran Superintendent

October 17, 2016 | Interviews, Leadership
Guest: Dr. Philip Ehrhardt, Ed.D.

This week we’re talking with Dr. Philip Ehrhardt, Ed.D., Superintendent of Benjamin School District 25 in West Chicago, IL.

Episode 38

The Important Correlation between Poverty & Achievement

Guest: Dr. Walter Tschinkel

In this week’s podcast, Carole dives into the important issue of the connection between poverty and educational success. She talks with Dr. Walter Tschinkel, renowned myrmecologist, entomologist and Distinguished Research Professor of Biological Science and R.O. Lawton Distinguished Professor emeritus at Florida State University. Dr. Tschinkel applied the same analysis of variants he uses in his biology research to breakdown state school report cards and look for consistent variables. The link between poverty and performance was undeniable. Now the question is… how do we get schools and state government to apply this analysis and make adjustments to their test scores? And will we ever find a way to create a balance in opportunity?

“To ignore the link [between performance and…]  poverty is to beg for failure in any successful use of this testing system.” — Dr. Walter Tschinkel