“I believe our biggest problem with technology actually starts in our minds. Our minds our the greatest software ever invented and we need to program it for excellence.” — Vicky Davis

This week, Vicki Davis is our guest, talking about the strengths and impediments of technology in the classroom and for the school district at large. Vicki is a teacher of technology in Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia and the author of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog.

Getting into Ed

Vicki entered the realm of public education for “so called” selfish reasons, for her own children with special needs. Fifteen years later and she is absolutely in love with the profession, the students and the teachers. It is why she continues to teach and blog.

Technology Problems

Our technology problem begins in our minds, the greatest software created, which we need to program for excellence. Students have changed, we cannot ignore that. There are too many adults who say that they will “cross that bridge when they come to it”. The biggest obstacles to our improvement as teachers and students are in our minds. We must decide what we are going to do, and execute it. We need to use technology that fits with today’s students, not students of the past or students of the future, the students we have right now. We have to meet our students with where they are.


Collaboration is a huge part of the future of learning. Through collaborative projects of her own, Davis has come to understand the best learning can happen when we break out of our boxes and learn from one another, students and teachers alike. Technology is a bridge. Technology allows us to connect students and build bridges we will walk on in the future.

Making Mistakes in Technology

The mistake many superintendents and teachers make is staying off of social media. It’s like the one person who doesn’t come to the party. Absence breeds gossip– essentially if you’re not telling your story, someone else is. Being proactive in telling our own stories leads to positive communication with your parents and community.

One Wish

Vicki believes in “teacherprenuer”. We cannot script teachers. We need to hold teachers accountable, but give them freedom in the classroom. You cannot pay or measure a teacher by test scores. We need to encourage “teacherprenuers” and create fair measures of assessment, a return to common sense. This testing nightmare is really harming students.

Book Recommendation

How to Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie

Strengths Finder 2.0- Tom Rath

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