This week’s show deals with women and community in educational leadership. Our guest is Dr. Gail Kist-Kline, superintendent of Mason City Schools and one of the premiere leaders in public education in Ohio.

Women in Educational Leadership

Over 70% of the public education workforce are female, but only 20% of superintendents are women. In looking at the minimal research we have, the women who ARE in leadership positions seem to be held to a higher standard than their male counterparts. Most of the women in educational leadership have more degrees, and more years/experience teaching and we need to look at how school board members hire educational leaders, and broadening their knowledge base.

Connecting to Your Community

Engaging the community is critical and finding a way to not only inform but to support your students. Recently an international company came to town, and Mason City Schools reached out to them. They created a program centered around STEM learning activities that utilized their work to teach over 800 third graders. It sparked a year long program that engaged business, community and students. Day to day, engaging all of your employees (bus drivers, secretaries, teachers, food services) to be ambassadors for your school is the best engagement you can create. Giving those employees information and stories to tell their friends, neighbors, parents, and community members can be the best tool to connect and engage your community.

One Wish

Equity is so important in public schools. Stable and sufficient funding for every school would be Dr Kist-Kline’s wish. Funding allows schools to have the resources to provide an education that serves each and every student.

Book Recommendation

True North­ by Bill George

What Really Matters: Leadership, People, Values­ by John Pepper

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