Monthly Archives: February 2016

Episode 11

How Schools Need to be Strategic When Going on the Ballot

February 29, 2016 | Communications, Interviews, Strategies
Guest: Steve Avakian

In this week’s podcast, Joel speaks with Steve Avakian, a newspaper man and veteran educational consultant. His work has reached students in nearly every region in the state of Ohio.

“You have to be ultra creative and responsive to the public. A key element to make this possible is survey research.”

Episode 10

New Trends in Public Education Roundtable

Guest: Paul Imhoff & Dr. John Marschhausen

Carole speaks with Paul Imhoff & Dr. John Marschhausen about all of the new ideas and practices that school districts must address in our modern public schools. Topics include: teaching the “whole child”, how technology empowers personalization, testing, and school culture.

“What is [the world] going to look like when they are the leaders in 2035, 2040?” – Dr. John Marschhausen


Episode 9

Forward Thinking in Education with John Marschhausen

Guest: Dr. John Marschhausen

Today we talk with John Marschhausen, Superintendent of Hilliard City Schools in Ohio. He talks about servant-leadership, the importance of education, the benefits of a varied curriculum, and he shares some best practices for communicating effectively with students, parents, and the community. John is knowledgeable and inspiring and he’s got a lot to share. Take some notes!

“I really believe that public education is a silver bullet for everything that our country will face in the future. We have the opportunity each and every day and each and every class to shape and mold young people who are going to be our country’s leaders in 10, 20, 30 years. And that responsibility is just too important to not be passionate about it.” — Dr. John Marschhausen



Episode 8

Small Goals, Big Impact

February 8, 2016 | Interviews, Success Stories
Guest: Principal John Gould

In this week’s episode, Joel speaks with John Gould, the principal of Dartmouth High School in Dartmouth Massachusetts about the impact of his own schooling, teaching independent thinking, and the power of public education.|

“Today, we don’t have all the answers but we aren’t ignoring the questions and we’re trying to address them. And that’s empowering.” — John Gould

The Impact of Public Education

Diagnosed early on with a language learning disability, John was sent by taxi at the tender age of four to receive special help to learn how to speak. His experiences left him with an immense feeling of gratitude for the teachers and adults in his life who helped him persevere through his own learning challenges. These feelings inspired John throughout his education and now in how he helps educate. He sees public education as crucial and adept at not only helping students with learning challenges but also addressing the social/emotional issues in their lives.


Episode 7

A Technology Makeover in Your School

Guest: Superintendent Matt Miller

Today, Carol speaks with Mentor, OH Superintendent Matt Miller today about their tech makeover in Mentor and technology in our schools.

Our best ideas come from our staff members. … I’d like to try this.

They sell us on it and we say “okay, go!”

A lot of times it’s good just to say YES to teachers who want to try innovative things because they’re so excited about it.

Does technology help student achievement?

Ultimately, it’s not necessarily investing in the technology but the professional development you provide for your staff, that’s the investment that will create a true payoff when it comes to technology. You can’t just drop off the hardware or software in the classroom and expect teachers to be able to effectively use it. With instructional coaches who are trained in not only the technology but also in education and allowing teachers to innovate with how they implement the use of technology in their classrooms.