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Episode 6

Grading Your School District by Using a Quality Profile

January 25, 2016 | Branding, Communications

We’re talking about honest and authentic assessment of school districts this week. We’ve got all of the information you need to get started in understanding Quality Profiles.

It’s a tool for schools to grade themselves and to be authentic

These are things that our tax payers really put a premium on and this is what we are going to use to grade ourselves.


Episode 5

Twitter for Schools and Teachers

Twitter is simply too easy and too useful of a platform to not use in your school. Regardless of your current engagement with Twitter, in this week’s podcast, Carole & Joel talk about how to wade into the waters of Twitter.

“It has to be relatable…

We’re all in this together…

You have to make it interesting.”


Episode 4

Strategic Planning in Your Schools with Paul Imhoff

Guest: Superintendent Paul Imhoff

Talking with Paul Imhoff, Superintendent of  the Upper Arlington City Schools

Today, Carole speaks with Paul Imhoff about creating community based, living strategic plans that transform school districts. One of the major accomplishments during his time in Upper Arlington has been leading the effort to reinvent the strategic planning process for the district.  The new hybrid planning process incorporated the best from private-sector and public-sector models and resulted in a focused, results-oriented plan with measurable goals.  You can learn more at

Mr. Imhoff has 18 years of administrative experience in public education, including six years as the superintendent of Mariemont City Schools and four years as the assistant superintendent in Madeira City Schools, both high-achieving districts in the Cincinnati area. Prior to moving into administrative roles, he spent 7 years teaching high school English and junior high language arts and reading.

“If we don’t set goals, we certainly aren’t going to accomplish them. − Paul Imhoff”