Category: Technology

Episode 32

Technology in the Classroom

August 8, 2016 | Strategies, Technology
Guest: Vicki Davis

“I believe our biggest problem with technology actually starts in our minds. Our minds our the greatest software ever invented and we need to program it for excellence.” — Vicky Davis

This week, Vicki Davis is our guest, talking about the strengths and impediments of technology in the classroom and for the school district at large. Vicki is a teacher of technology in Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia and the author of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog.


Episode 18

Tech Trends with Keith Pomeroy

April 21, 2016 | Interviews, Technology
Guest: Keith Pomeroy

This week’s show is a continuation about trends in technology. Carole welcomes back Keith Pomeroy, the Chief Technology Officer at Upper Arlington Schools in Ohio to fill us in on the latest and the greatest technology trends.

“You have to be open to flexibility… and you have to talk to kids. Pay attention to what’s happening in their world.”


Episode 17

How To Successfully Launch a 1:1 Technology Initiative in Your School

Guest: Keith Pomeroy

Today’s show is about technology and 1:1 initiatives in public schools. Technology can be a great equalizer for students, but understanding all sides of implementation and day­to­day use is crucial to the success of any 1:1 technology program. Our guest is Keith Pomeroy, the Chief Technology Officer at Upper Arlington Schools in Ohio where they have recently successfully launched a 1:1 initiative.

“…changing what is possible in the classroom.”


Episode 7

A Technology Makeover in Your School

Guest: Superintendent Matt Miller

Today, Carol speaks with Mentor, OH Superintendent Matt Miller today about their tech makeover in Mentor and technology in our schools.

Our best ideas come from our staff members. … I’d like to try this.

They sell us on it and we say “okay, go!”

A lot of times it’s good just to say YES to teachers who want to try innovative things because they’re so excited about it.

Does technology help student achievement?

Ultimately, it’s not necessarily investing in the technology but the professional development you provide for your staff, that’s the investment that will create a true payoff when it comes to technology. You can’t just drop off the hardware or software in the classroom and expect teachers to be able to effectively use it. With instructional coaches who are trained in not only the technology but also in education and allowing teachers to innovate with how they implement the use of technology in their classrooms.